WUWW – Wake Up With Wagminft.net – Good Morning / Good Mondays – July 25, 2022

WUWW Good Morning / Good Mondays

On this Episode of “Wake Up With Wagmi” we provided a project update about the latest additons to the WAGMMINFT.NET website. We also showcased the latest Gm Gallery NFT by UD Phils (music/animation donated by @sircrone). As usual, we gave opportunity for any project/person to speak. Various indivuals came up to speak. Ravencoin Community member @thecommunitydao talked about his project and the enthusiam among his contacts in Africa to work on the Ravencoin blockchain. He has active members on discord and telegram, with the telegram channel growing to 70 members. @thecommunitydao donated one of “The Heist” vaults which was being passed around in a game of trust by his growing community. “The Heist” was also discussed in the twitter Space. Luis Alexo of BrikBC briefly shared.

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