WUWW – Wake Up With Wagminft.net – Good Morning / Good Mondays – July 18, 2022

WUWW Good Morning / Good Mondays

On today’s episode of of WUWW! “Wake Up with Wagmi” we begin with a project update! At the top of the agenda was the addition of @thecommunitydao to the GM Gallery. The Community Dao is leading an initiative in Africa to encourage adoption of the Ravencoin blockchain. After the project update, various individuals and projects came up to speak: At 10.26 minutes in: JC Keen of the handle @cash_keen discusses sharing links between the websites/artists. At 18 minute mark, @framesfatal speaks on his upcoming NYC photography drop. At 21.58 minute mark, @thecommunitydao talks about the African community of marketers and artists. At 31.15 Jason Uhl @NFTRVN NFTRVN.NET talks about “The Heist” and the use of subassets and voting tokens. At 37 min mark, Renewablox (tokenizing on Ravencoin) discussion. At 39 minute mark, @HypemanRVN talks about his Youtube channel. At 44 minutes in, JC Keen and @sircrone discuss royalties on Ravencoin.

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