#WUWW Wake Up With WAGMI August 8th 2022

Wake Up With WAGMI Ravencoin NFT - Twitter Spaces for Ravencoin NFTS

WUWW! WagmiNFT holds weekly Twitter Spaces called “Wake Up With Wagmi!” Follow us on Twitter at @wagmiNFTnet, and allow notifications for “Spaces” to be reminded of the next one! On today’s WUWW, we opened with a brief update on the WagmiNFT project, including the features we are building on other blockchains. We then heard from various people building in the space. Our mission is to “spread the word of the bird’! We want WagmiNFT.net be a hub for anyone wanting to learn about Ravencoin NFT creation, buying, selling and even setting up a wallet. We welcome all artists and builders to check out our weekly WUWW! Spaces! Anyone can come up to shill their project. Listen to it in its entirety here:)

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