What is the NFTRVN.net NFT platform, and why are they innovating on the Ravencoin Blockchain?

NFTRVN pronounced “Nifty Raven” is a Marketplace on the Ravencoin Blockchain. It is a community of collectors, artists, and ravenites. From minting unique assets to main assets, NFTRVN assists artists and projects looking to begin their journey on RVN. “We are a service to provide the best NFT experience possible, through HUMAN interaction, with a dash of automation”- founder Jason Uhl

WAGMINFT has observed the growth pains within the NFT space. And today, these problems are being solved by innovative companies such as NFTRVN. NFNRVN has developed a minting service within Discord that is creating a lot of buzz.  It is a live, active environment unlike any other. It allows users to interact with each other, creating a “free market” type of environment.  “From decentralized sales to generative minting. Discord has it all”, states Jason Uhl.

“Discord solves the problem of inactivity. It allows users to get more personal with their projects instead of an echo chamber of tweets or just letting an NFT sit on a page until sold.  Collectors can interact with other collectors in real time.”  Think of it like a live auction or flea market, but on-line.  NFTRVN states that full automation of NFT minting is next.  Demand will meet supply in real time. Since “open mints” have gained in popularity, this will be a much needed feature. An “open mint” allows for an unlimited number to be created, but within a set time frame. 

One project within NFTRVN that is still minting is NiftyMon. It is a generative mint Trading Card game minted on Ravencoin Blockchain. Each Card is an NFT, with rarity and stats. Three cards create a team to battle one v one. It’s a socially competitive and interactive game. Or, just like traditional Pokemon card, they can be purchased as collectibles. And since WAGMINFT believes that NFTS are an entirely new asset class, it is possible these cards will have historical significance, and therefore be very valuable. They are in fixed supply, so once they are done minting, they will never be created again. And since they are on the blockchain, the “card” won’t get worn down or degraded by use.  And Ravencoin NFTS are on-chain, so no smart contract can steal your NFT.  Once it is in your wallet, you can only give permission to send it somewhere else.  NFT theft has been a major issue in the Ethereum NFT space due to its use of smart contracts. This “on chain” feature also allows you to view your NFT with one click on the Ravencoin “asset aware” blockchain explorer. This is not the case with Ethereum NFTS. Read more about Niftymon   

So where does Jason Uhl see his platform going? “To the Moon, of course! But, that’s just a pit stop! NFTRVN will be focused on trying to provide the best user experience possible for artists and collectors alike! We pride ourselves on interacting with the members of the community to help them succeed in whatever it may be. It’s a one-stop shop that has a very successful track record. Honesty. Integrity, Truth. Also, some NFTs.”

Written by @sunnie4mj on Twitter

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