What is a Ravencoin Sub-Asset?

A Sub Asset can be created under your main asset name. If I want to make a 1000 copies of a single image, I would use the create sub asset feature in either the Ravencoin Core Wallet or Mango Farms Wallet. Lets call my main asset “WAGMI”. And now I want to make a 1000 copies of a photograph for my WAGMI brand. With the create sub-asset feature, I can then mint 1000 (up to 21 billion) copies that picture/video/text file. On the blockchain this will read as “WAGMI/WAY” followed by the quantity. You can start to see how you can use the Ravencoin blockchain as both a marketing tool and ultimate filing system. Here’s a great video by Sircrone on how to do it yourself https://t.co/l8NMH5eapX