What is a Ravencoin Main Asset?

A Ravencoin main asset can be thought of as a domain name, but for blockchain. You buy it once and own it forever. A “main asset” can be purchased with either the Ravencore Wallet or Mango Farms wallet and costs 500 RVN. This “main asset” enables you to build out your business idea or project in a transparent and decentralized way thru the creation of tokens. You can create shares for a company, mint up to 21 billion NFTS, send messages and more. Ravenoin main asset ownership makes this possible. Think of it like your corporate headqarters with an accounting and filing system all built into one. Ravencoin is the only blockchain that has human readable naming functions. What does this mean? It means your NFT wont be a hash or string of characters- it’s viewed on the blockchain as a regular word. Not only is great for branding, but frauds or fakes are easier to spot.