WagmiNFT welcomes African artist UD Phils (@yhuddee111 on Twitter) to the Gm Gallery with this multimedia NFT called “Gm Africa”! Her hand drawn art gets it’s own beat with creative technologist Sircrone (@sircrone on Twitter) adding music/animation. Do you feel a Gm coming? I do! Follow the IPFS link to experience the art in full. https://bafybeifsl64qnwoe6gxowzrgsmigsxzbchbuzt4s6lc24g7slbwiaytd3u.ipfs.infura-ipfs.io/

Artist: UD Phils Available at: Ravenist NFTRVN

With the creation of this NFT, we get to experience the merging of art forms by two artists who live on opposite sides of the world and have never met. The art is hand drawn by UD phils, using shapes, lines, and letters to create an abstract city horizon. Music and animation was later added by Sircrone. He created and produced both the music and color effects. As the music plays, the art piece changes color from greens, to pinks and yellows, recalling the many hues of morning. They approved the final piece together and it was added to the Ravencoin blockchain as a multimedia NFT. The piece is titled “Gm Africa”.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are unlocking opportunities never seen before in the developing world! Thank you to Dow Dao of The Community Dao Project ( @thecommunitydao on Twitter) for making the introduction. Ravencoin blockchain enables fast, low cost, no code NFT creation that makes creating NFTS possible for anyone with an internet connection.

Do you want to learn more about UD Phils? Comment or ask a question below! We encourage artists to share and connect! Set up a wallet today to send and receive airdrops, make friends, and grow your network. It’s free!


  1. Wonderful work and may you have all the success in the world! We are a community and I hope to support you whenever and wherever I can. Please feel free to contact me anytime on twitter

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