Gm Gallery’s “Indy Bows 1” is created by well-known Ravencoin artist and community member Indy Bows. Indy captured this image on the shores near her home, and chose to use it as a backdrop of what a good morning represents to her. A vibrant sun is the backdrop to a deep blue ocean. The waters appear calm. Above the sun is a watercolor sky with the words: “GM. Today is your day to shine. Just be you!” The foreground consists of dark colored piers that extend into the water, drawing the eye towards the sunlit sky light- and to this powerful, but simple message.

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Artist: Indy Bows

Title: Just Be You


  1. Thank you Indy for contributing to the GM gallery! You are helping to spread the message of Ravencoin NFTs and the message of GM everywhere.
    We do this one gm at a time. WAGMI is the way!!!!

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