“Gm Breakfast Monster” is the Gm Gallery contribution by ET ART. Two sunny side up eggs running together represent the eyes, and a big strip of bacon serves as the smile. The pupils, or the yolks are bright yellow, and seem happy and hopeful. The letters “gm” are written in ketchup for a nose. The Breakfast Monster has two sausages for his left ear, and a piece of triangle toast with butter for his right ear. He has the letters “ETA” written just above his eyes. The Breakfast monster’s face outline is the white oval plate. Two arms coming out from underneath the bottom of the plate. The arms are in the foreground of the picture, with each hand holding a knife and fork, as if getting ready to eat. He seems to be saying “Hungry! Hungry! Breakfast Monster! Feed Me!” The plate and hands are resting on a bright red plaid tablecloth.

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Hungry! Hungry! Breakfast Monster! Feed Me! GMMMMMMMMMMMM!
Artwork by @ETART



    1. I love my ‘Gm Monster Breakfast’! It’s helping me to spread the word of Ravencoin NFTs one gm at a time. WAGMI is the way!!!! Can’t wait to have you on WAW! again soon 🙂

  1. Who hasn’t made smiley faces with their food?!?! 🤣🤣🤌 thank you for contributing to the gm gallery at wagmiNFT 🙏WAGMI is the way

  2. Monster Breakfast GM is about as OG as you can get when it comes to saying good morning. gmggmgmgmg mmmmm breakfasts set you up for a great gm. Thank you for participating in the GM Gallery.

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