“Gm Continuum” is the latest addition to the Gm Gallery. With a goal of spreading Ravencoin Gm’s around the world, we need to make some noise. Set to a rhythmic drum beat, the NFT flickers and pulses, with beams of light appearing to pass through circuits or channels. Is it the power of a GM? We say YES! A day glow green GM is the focal point among a series of triangles and zigzags that work around it in repeating patterns. Set against a black background, we see various shades of blue, green, red and yellow that pop and fade to the music. The artwork is contributed by Dow Dao, the founder of @thecommunitydao with the animation and music by creative technologist @sircrone. Together we make it. Wagmi is the way.

Artist: Dow Dao

Title: GM Continuum

Marketplaces: ravenist.com nftrvn.net


  1. Ahhhh that’s so cool!! Well done! I actually didn’t realize where the “GM” was until I played it… and now it’s like DUH right there!

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