WagmiNFT welcomes African artist @dani_beehive to the GM Galllery! Big shout out to Community Dao (@thecommunitydao) for connecting us! Our mission at WagmiNFT is to spread Ravencoin NFTS far and wide, so we thank Dani Beehive for helping us all the way from Africa.

“GM African Sun” by Dani Beehive Available at NFT.RVN or Ravenist

Dani created the hand drawn art for this multi-media NFT. It consists of a person sitting on a map of the world, gazing off into a morning light. After seeing Dani’s art and meeting him via google meet, Sircrone- who is NYC based, then composed the musical elements and animation. Dani signed off on the final piece, and is now tweeting his GM Gallery NFT! Please support him! 70% of “GM African Sun” NFT sales will go to his wallet, paid out in monthly increments. To enjoy the full experience click here. Let’s show our African artist friends some love. Pick up his NFT at NFT.RVN or Ravenist

Dani Beehive’s art sets the backdrop for a morning mist and rhythmic drum sound, which is what we get to hear as Dani’s GM NFT color shifts between yellows and browns, to pinks and reds. When I watch and listen, I feel the connection that Dani and Sircrone made. I suppose they are speaking a language they both understand- maybe there’s some truth to what they say about art being a universal language:) Please comment and share below! Ask a question! WagmiNFT is for YOU!


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