VERIFIED accounts on indicate an active and more trustworthy account on

Members can get verified in different ways.

One way of becoming a VERIFIED account is by being a contributor to any of the projects.


Your account must be active and in compliance to the WAGMINFT website Rules to become VERIFIED.

This means:

  • Complete: Your account must have a profile name, profile image and Banner image. 
  • Active use: Your account must be public you must have logged into that account within the last six (6) months. 
  • Security: Your account must have a confirmed email address.
  • WAGMINFT Rules: Your account must not have ever violated the Rules.
  • 2FA: Accounts must have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled on their accounts. Verifies accounts on a per user basis, at random and at the discretion of’s management staff. Verification can be denied, or removed at any time at the Discretion of the Management staff for any reason.

These rules are subject to change at any time.