Poky Pencil, NFT artist and future aerospace engineer, presents a masterfully constructed interactive skateboarding astronaut NFT. The skateboard is orange on the bottom and black on the top. The man is wearing a burnt orange spacesuit with lime green and turquoise trim. He is wearing a backpack that is purple and turquoise. The back of the backpack has the RVN logo in large print. The print of the RVN logo is turquoise. The backdrop is outerspace with stars surrounding the skateboarder. The viewer can view the NFT in two modes: as a gif or in 3D AR mode. Poky Pencil is the artist who created the “3D RVN Halving Token” along with Ravencoin community member JC Keen.

View Augemnted Reality NFT:


Artist’s shop: ravenist.com

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