Is the Raven Wall the Times Square of Advertising on Ravencoin? An interview with LSJi07

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WagmiNFT: What is the Raven Wall?

LSJ107/BOAF: The Raven Wall is a place- “a wall” where people can showcase their projects in an image that will be tokenized on the Ravencoin blockchain. After buying a spot on the wall, hodlers have one year to submit art.

WagmiNFT: Is there a fee to get on the wall?

LSJ107/BOAF: There is a charge to submit artwork, and get it onto the wall. That is where the BOAF NFTS, and the purchasing of bricks come in. Each BOAF token gets you a free brick on the wall, with up to four being used in each image. You can also purchase bricks from LSJ for 900 Ravencoin #RVN. Contact LSJ107 through his twitter at @lsji07

WagmiNFT: What do you do with the proceeds?

LSJ107/BOAF: Half of the proceeds go towards putting your image on the wall- and maintaining it (there will be a guarantee it will available on IPFS for 10 years once it’s minted). The other half goes towards Ravencoin marketing. The Ravencoin proceeds is held in a multi-signature wallet.

WagmiNFT: So what do people get for being on the Raven Wall and what will it look like?

LSJ107/BOAF: The Raven Wall will consist of a massive Ravencoin logo with red and white blocks or ‘bricks’(Morgan Crow Twitter Space interview details it here beginning at the 24 minute mark)

Essentially, people can buy bricks on the wall. Or to say it in another way- buy space. When they buy this ‘brick’ or piece of space, they can put whatever image they want there, it’s usually about their project, or what they like! But then for each brick, they can also add a message, so that when people hover over it on their computer, a massive pop-up will appear. When you click on the brick, you will be taken to whatever web page the buyer chooses. It will really be something to see a whole wall that is about Ravencoin. If someone comes and knows nothing about Ravencoin, they can click on any brick to learn more.

BOAF ability to get bricks is not a one off ability for one owner! Every future holder of each BOAF can redeem 4 bricks. People can buy a BOAF and flip it and the new owner has the same ability.

If you wanted to send the BOAF to someone you really like and trust, then I (LSJ107) would give them their bricks etc etc. You just have to trust that they’ll send you the BOAF back if it’s a temporary deal.

Maybe one can look at this feature of the BOAF NFT as sign space rental.

LSJ107/BOAF “Birds of a Feather”

WagmiNFT: Tell us more about the BOAF collection

LSJ107/BOAF: The BOAF collection will only be 200 NFT’s minted on RVN under LSJ107/BOAF asset names. The BOAF collection is a generative collection consisting of pixelated Ravens. LSJ took inspiration from various aspects of the tokenization movement, including Vincent Wine app and their tokenization of wine futures (grapes in the mouth of Ravens). Other BOAF are holding keys in their mouth, which speaks to the importance of keeping your keys! Each Birds of a Feather NFT has a different focus word written above it. LSJ believes in the need to focus on positivity and harmony in one’s own life. So he chose to have words like ‘peace’ ‘love’ ‘joy’ and ‘truth’ written above the ravens. BOAF tokens 1-40 are dedicated to projects that needed funding. These have not sold out completely, but it has helped to fund the projects, and for that he feels a lot of pride.

All the Birds of a Feather NFTS have an agreement called ‘the doubling’. It’s an agreement from LSJ that the tokens will double in price every month, regardless of whether they are sold out. It’s ‘an agreement to try out and experiment with, because nobody has ever done it before’, he says. As businesses on the Raven Wall continue to grow, the Raven Wall might become the Times Square of billboard value, so it follows logic that the value of the ‘bricks’ holding it up will increase too. Time will tell but for now, check out the BOAF series on Ravenist here.

To read more about the Birds of a Feather Collection “BOAF” by LSJ107 please read his medium article here

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