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So what is The Community Dao?

Memory retrieval is a kernel idea driving much of computer technology. Random information access searching operates like a gigantic brain remembering/ locating where this or that piece of relevant data is located in time, space or digital cupboard. Every aspect of contemporary processing involves assembling input data for analysis and recombination. In a similar way, the human mind is constantly utilizing memories to better approximate its understanding of self past and present, reality, and the external world surrounding every individual, who is always at the center of his or her own universe.

All in all, this is an experiment utilizing new methods of communication and disruptive payment methods internationally, through weekly games and contests.

This week Community DAO saw an enormous uptick in creative content production by our ambassadors and marketing team out of Africa. This cross-continental interaction continues to take center stage in our overall project focus, for the time being, despite several large partnerships in which we are also engaged, like the Commtower in Sky City and Ravencoin development, which are also quite dynamic areas needing more attention. As we can identify worthy parties, more significant delegations of responsibilities can occur. 

After we discovered a couple of plagiarized articles from last week’s initial entries to Commlink, which we rejected, we decided to ultra-personalize a topic as a writing “prompt” so that writers would focus on their own experiences rather than trying to be crypto “experts.”

We sent out a bid for 1000-word essays on “3 favorite memories,” with accepted articles receiving up to 500 RVN rewards.  And to our surprise, we received 17 entries! This is a type of jackpot for us, even though producing Commlink is becoming an increasingly expensive affair! 

One aim of any growing organization is to develop a broad base of engagement. Through conferences featuring motivating exercises or games or tasks, “community building” is generally focused on encouraging group participation in a variety of ways. Motivating people to try new things can be a difficult project in an atmosphere of retracting confidence and a looming recession. But we have found that these bottlenecks can be more effectively circumvented by moving focus to areas where there is less congestion, and a more eager desire to take on new jobs energetically.

We have found this to be true in developing relationships with a rising generation of African crypto-traders and graphic designers, predominantly in Nigeria.

And now, it seems that we have found a “mother lode” in this direction by encouraging the members of Community DAO to discuss their personal experiences. What an outpouring! We also noted a significant increase in the number of designs produced for this week’s design theme, which was to create works with inspirational quotations. We will probably need to expand the number of top-selected works from 10 to 15 or 20 in the coming weeks or create some different types of contests in the near future.

All in all, this is an experiment utilizing new methods of communication and disruptive payment methods internationally, through weekly games and contests.

It is the first case of which I am aware of Ravencoin being used as a form of economic reward in such a context, which can be used by participants in other countries with different internal currencies to obtain basic foodstuffs and necessities.

So, we are quite excited to present original work on childhood memories and significant life experiences, from a unique cross section of African culture, the aspiring crypto/tech community, as it is coming into contact with the Western world through new possibilities inherent in technology and blockchain.

Apart from that, of significant note, the designers at Alterverse have produced some phenomenal comps of all the potential skyscraper models that will be available in Sky City.

The word is that CommDAO may have had something to do with one of the models being dubbed the “Raven.”

So, leaving it there, we encourage you to take a drive down “Memory Lane” and examine some of the amazing stories of our African marketing squad featured here below. Our editor, Alina Okun, has selected 4 essays for this week’s issue. Future Commlinks will carry additional essays originating from this week’s output, as we find every single one to be a fascinating glimpse into a world that many of us in the West have yet to discover and learn about.



Please read their essays here, including @dani_beehive who gave an amazing shoutout to WAGMNINFT!

Three artists from The Community Dao contributed to the WAGMINFT GM Gallery: @dani_beehive @yhuddee111and and @winifred-john. Please support them by following them on twitter, and purchasing their GM NFTS! They are available for purchase at and for just 10 RVN or .50c at current price (8/15/2022). Please supprt them! T

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