What is the Brikbc Property Token Project?

BrikBC is a real estate tokenizaton project based in Australia. In addition to tokenizing and fractionalizing the physical properties, BRIKbc purchases NFTS created on the Ravencoin chain to be later displayed in the actual properties for tentants to enjoy. These NFTS are also displayed in the BRIKbc Brisbane business office. Brik constantly keeps an eye on the artists who mint their work on…

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Physical Art and NFTS!  

Pioneer Indy Bows is using NFTS to track provenance of her physical art! WAGMINFT: What led you to Ravencoin NFTs? IndyBows: It all started with LSJ and Monday night space run by Crypto Lyssa and Sunnie. I overheard some of the spaces, and heard the enthusiasm around creating NFTs on Ravencoin. So I decided to…

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WAW Wednesdays – “Watch Artists Work” Live Stream

#WAWW Watch Artists Work Wednesdays – August 24, 2022 FREE #Ravencoin #RVN Giveaway! RVN Main Asset!

WAWW!!! WagmiNFT’s “Watch Artists Work Wednesdays” conducted its first LIVE giveaway! In line with our mission to introduce new artists and creators into the Ravencoin NFT space, we paid 500 Raven forward to the lucky winner of “Spin The Wheel”. We spin the wheel live to provide transparency and fun for all. Come shill your…

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Wake Up With WAGMI Ravencoin NFT - Twitter Spaces for Ravencoin NFTS

#WUWW Wake Up With WAGMI August 8th 2022

WUWW! WagmiNFT holds weekly Twitter Spaces called “Wake Up With Wagmi!” Follow us on Twitter at @wagmiNFTnet, and allow notifications for “Spaces” to be reminded of the next one! On today’s WUWW, we opened with a brief update on the WagmiNFT project, including the features we are building on other blockchains. We then heard from…

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