From the twitter feed of Sircrone: “Cronenberg #35 took the #Red pill… Looks like things went wrong… This is what happens when you try to exit the #matrix but forget to log out of the main frame. You become one with the #sentinels… Cronenberg #35 Dropping..” Coming soon on Want to get a complete…

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Today’s spotlight is on multi-talented Ravencoin artist Mirage. She is a poet, artist and mental health advocate and has a sold out collection on the Ravencoin blockchain. Mirage’s first project focused on mental health and bipolar disorder in particular. With so much stigma around mental illness, we wanted to ask the artist what gave her…

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Cronenberg7 by SirCrone


Artist: SIRCRONE Title: Cronenberg #7 Marketplace: The Cronenberg Gang is a collection of 36 one of ones by graffiti and street artist Sircrone. This is Cronenberg #7, an exceptionally degenerated fish like sea creature. Bright blue body with green mohawk and spikes adorn the head. Glowing antenna evokes a unicorn horn. Huge green fangs…

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