Today’s spotlight is on multi-talented Ravencoin artist Mirage. She is a poet, artist and mental health advocate and has a sold out collection on the Ravencoin blockchain. Mirage’s first project focused on mental health and bipolar disorder in particular. With so much stigma around mental illness, we wanted to ask the artist what gave her…

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Buy now on Poet and Artist Mirage contributed to the GM Gallery with a message of hope. She draws on her traumatic past to create powerful art. In this NFT we see a large “GM” surrounded by the words: “One must journey through the storn, to discover the light within”. ‘GM” means Good Morning. The…

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Poet and artist Mirage creates poetry NFTs to destimatize bipolar disorder. This poem by her is titled “Bound” and in it she shares her personal struggle with the disease. “A feeling of being lost. Defeated of all hope. Giving at what cost” Poetry NFTs are forming a category of their own, and Mirage utilizes her…

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