WagmiNFT welcomes African artist UD Phils (@yhuddee111 on Twitter) to the Gm Gallery with this multimedia NFT called “Gm Africa”! Her hand drawn art gets it’s own beat with creative technologist Sircrone (@sircrone on Twitter) adding music/animation. Do you feel a Gm coming? I do! Follow the IPFS link to experience the art in full….

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Gm Gallery’s “Indy Bows 1” is created by well-known Ravencoin artist and community member Indy Bows. Indy captured this image on the shores near her home, and chose to use it as a backdrop of what a good morning represents to her. A vibrant sun is the backdrop to a deep blue ocean. The waters…

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“Gm Morning News” by Defi Django. A newspaper called Good Morning Gallery has a screaming headline that reads “BIG NEWS!” A cup of coffee sits at the top of the image. A piece of toast has “GM” written in jam. Partially covering the front page is a smiling plate of sunny side up eggs for…

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wagminft.net GM Gallery Inx Masonari Gm NFT


Inx Masonari, a well known early Ravencoin NFT artist and community member, contributes to the Gm gallery in the same surrealist style of her sold out debut collection. A windswept mesa dominates the background. Brightly colored fairies and butterflies flutter about. A large rainbow filled GM sign is being carried by butterflies and mystical creatures…

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