Buy now on Poet and Artist Mirage contributed to the GM Gallery with a message of hope. She draws on her traumatic past to create powerful art. In this NFT we see a large “GM” surrounded by the words: “One must journey through the storn, to discover the light within”. ‘GM” means Good Morning. The…

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Billion Apes Club - AMC APES


Artist: Billion Ape Club Title: AMCAPE #1845 Marketplace: Ravenist.com The AMC Apes are a derivative project of the Billion Ape Club. This is one of the 2222 minted. It is a generative project (the traits that each ape exhibit is the result of an algorithm). This ape is wearing a black jacket, with a tan…

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Artist: Catbits Title: King Cat Bit Marketplace: ravenist.com The Catbits is an NFT series of handmade pixelated art. The artist is a lover of cats, and the collection is inspired from them. Each Catbit is unique. This is King Cat Bit. He is wearing a gold and red crown. The crown has rubies, emeralds, sapphires…

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