What is Asset Tokenization?

Disclosure: Author of this post owns Tzero tokens Asset tokenization is the process of converting real-world assets, such as real estate, artworks, commodities, or financial instruments, into digital tokens on a blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform. These tokens represent ownership or a fraction of ownership in the underlying asset. Tokenization allows assets that…

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Meet NFT Artist ArtvisionNFT

ArtvisionNFT’s available for purchase at: NFTRVN.net WAGMINFT and the Ravencoin community welcome NFT artist ArtvisionNFT! Her art is selling fast, with auctions going into the thousands of Ravencoin. We at WAGMINFT are always curious about the person behind the art, and wanted to know more about this multi-talented artist with a huge twitter following! WAGMINFT:…

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Wake Up With WAGMI Ravencoin NFT - Twitter Spaces for Ravencoin NFTS

WUWW Ravencoin NFT Shill n Chill Space for WAGMINFT.net RVN Ravencoin NFT Community August 29, 2022

WUWW! WagmiNFT holds weekly Twitter Spaces called “Wake Up With Wagmi!” Follow us on Twitter at @wagmiNFTnet, and allow notifications for “Spaces” to be reminded of the next one! On today’s WUWW, we opened with a brief update on the WagmiNFT project, including the features we are building out. We then heard from various people…

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