Meet NFT Artist ArtvisionNFT

ArtvisionNFT’s available for purchase at: WAGMINFT and the Ravencoin community welcome NFT artist ArtvisionNFT! Her art is selling fast, with auctions going into the thousands of Ravencoin. We at WAGMINFT are always curious about the person behind the art, and wanted to know more about this multi-talented artist with a huge twitter following! WAGMINFT:…

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WAW Wednesdays – “Watch Artists Work” Live Stream

WAW! “Watch Artists Work Wednesdays” Episode 5 w/ @lampacenter & @crypto_eye_head

WAW! “Watch Artists Work” – Episode 5 w/ @lampacenter & @crypto_eye_head Episode 5 of WAW! “Watch Artits Work Wednesdays” featured @lampacenter and @crypto_eye_head. In the first half, @lampacenter shared the use of a free version of photoshop (GIMP) to create his knot NFTS. @lampacenter creates NFTS on the Ravencoin blockchain and is also a miner….

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