WagmiNFT welcomes African artist UD Phils (@yhuddee111 on Twitter) to the Gm Gallery with this multimedia NFT called “Gm Africa”! Her hand drawn art gets it’s own beat with creative technologist Sircrone (@sircrone on Twitter) adding music/animation. Do you feel a Gm coming? I do! Follow the IPFS link to experience the art in full….

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WAW Wednesdays – “Watch Artists Work” Live Stream

WAW! “Watch Artists Work Wednesdays” Episode 5 w/ @lampacenter & @crypto_eye_head

WAW! “Watch Artists Work” – Episode 5 w/ @lampacenter & @crypto_eye_head Episode 5 of WAW! “Watch Artits Work Wednesdays” featured @lampacenter and @crypto_eye_head. In the first half, @lampacenter shared the use of a free version of photoshop (GIMP) to create his knot NFTS. @lampacenter creates NFTS on the Ravencoin blockchain and is also a miner….

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