NFT Music by SOSONSIDE “We’re All Gonna Make It”

Enjoy the music NFT at the following link: SOSONSIDE/DRPRWNKL_WAGMI_EP_A

Music NFTS are here to stay and SOSonSide is showing the world how easy it is to share and show IP in the form of immutable assets on Ravencoin! In addition to being the creator of the unofficial Ravencoin theme song “Kawpower”, SOSonSide has just dropped an EP titled “We’re All Gonna Make It”. If you haven’t heard the magic of SOS, now’s your chance. “We all gonna make it”, for those that don’t know, is longhand for “WAGMI” an expression started by web comic Zyzz. WagmiNFT thanks SosonSide for conducting an airdrop of this NFT to EVERY member. To capture the full experience of SOSonSide, follow the IPFS link here.

Album Title: “We’re All Gonna Make It” EP cover art by Morgan Crow

ANGEL4: Cover art by ET Art

Pieces: Cover art by Zebratif

You Were Alive: Cover art by EduArt

Launch Tower C: Cover art by Indy Bows

6 thoughts on “NFT Music by SOSONSIDE “We’re All Gonna Make It”

  1. Love this dude. He is EXTREMELY TALANTED! EXTREMELY MOTIVATED! Everything he puts out is gold. He works hard for the Ravencoin NFT Community and asks for nothing in return. HE MADE ME A SONG FOR MY WEBSITE! THE SONG SLAAAAAYS!


  2. From the cover art to the music- I’m in love. So cool that the Spotify and iTunes links are linked to your NFT in the ipfs file! And thank you for the shoutout too 🙏🙏🤘😍

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