Cronenberg7 by SirCrone


Title: Cronenberg #7


Cronenberg7 by SirCrone
Cronenberg7 by SirCrone

The Cronenberg Gang is a collection of 36 one of ones by graffiti and street artist Sircrone. This is Cronenberg #7, an exceptionally degenerated fish like sea creature. Bright blue body with green mohawk and spikes adorn the head. Glowing antenna evokes a unicorn horn. Huge green fangs reveal a gaping mouth. A degenerated octopus hangs out in (on of) of its mouths. Dripping and oozing from every orifice, with tentacles growing out its side and main body. It’s sexy, friendly and scary all at the same time. Cronenberg has sold out #NFT collection. Street art meets fine art.


  1. A dynamic masterpiece by grafiti and street artist Sircrone. A multicolored, but dominantly blue degenerated fish now swims amongst us as a fantastical creature. Glowing apendiges ooze and drip. Friendly and even a little sexy with cheeky eyes everywhere. Green Mohak with blue spikes adorn the head. An octopus hangs out in (one of) it’s mouths. There are many layers to a Cronenbergs, and everyone sees in thru their own lense. The Cronenberg #7 is a peek into the imagination of Sircrone, and will delight every time.

  2. This lucky #7 cronenberg is donated to WAGMINFT:) one day we will have it displayed in a free 3D gallery for Ravencoin NFTS that people can enter and view for free

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