Who is Sircrone- the Anon behind Cronenberg Gang?

NFTS are proving to be a very effective way to support philanthropic endeavors! WAGMINFT has seen this trend building for quite some time. Sircone is one artist that is harnessing the power of the Ravencoin blockchain to help those in need. We asked him a few questions about how he used the Cronenberg Collection to support the Simple Bee Rescue Organization.

Cronenberg #20

WAGMINFT: What was your inspiration behind the art for this Cronenberg?

Sircrone: “Well when I was conceptualizing and brainstorming on the visual for this Cronenberg, I stumbled upon the @SimpleBeeRescue twitter page and I asked about their mission.

I love Nature and animals, if that wasn’t apparent, so it felt fitting to take that opportunity to help them in their journey. I sold about 50 of these NFTS and I donated 50% of the NFT sales to the @SimpleBeeRescue. I showed a simple way of selling their honey through their website using ravencoin for its intended purpose.’

WAGMINFT: You made one of one NFTS up until Cronenberg #20 Why?

Sircrone: “Well I wanted to allow a lower cost entry point for other people to get a Cronenberg as I noticed the auctions were reaching level of about 5,000 $RVN and more. Also, the story I came up for Cronenberg 20 was that for each Bee hive there are 100 Female workers, so I made 100 of these NFT as a non re-issuable Sub-Asset to represent 100 Female workers. At the 50 Mark I pulled the remaining 50 and I burned them so the story was that half the color split to go and make a new colony =) This made the remaining Cronenberg that were bought at low entry points much more valuable in my opinion. I always strive to make my NFT a worthwhile investment for NFT investors and collectors.

WAGMINFT: How did you get Simple Bee Rescue set up with a wallet?

Sircrone: “They already had a wallet setup, and they were familiar with minting already, but I did teach them how to make sales on their website using the Ravencoin blockchain as a decentralized payment solution through website orders. Even @TronBlack bought some honey which was very exciting news to hear!

WAGMINFT: How did the donations work?

Sircrone: “Talk about transparency of payment

‘…when I reached a certain point, I videotaped myself completing the donation. You can see it here on Youtube as I posted the video online for transparency and to make sure everyone was aware that I was honest and serious about what I was doing.’

Here is the video: http://SimpleBee.org Ravencoin Donation – Cronenberg #20 NFT Ravencoin #rvn

Donation to #Savethebeeshttps://youtube.com/watch?v=Xb0VOYqz1Jk&t=10s…

WAGMINFT: Will cronenberg #20 live on in any other art project you are working on?

Sircrone: “I am thinking about it. I try to rein in my ideas, I get a lot of creative ways of utilizing ravencoin, but I am only a team of 1 so it’s hard to tackle many projects at once. I try but I learned to complete one idea at a time lol”

Thank you Sircrone for sharing insight into how artists can effectively use NFTS to help their favorite charites. If you are creating a philanthropy based NFT collection, we want to hear from you! We believe that blockchain and NFTS will transform how charities operate. Let’s share the knowledge! Wagmi is the way!

-written by @Sunnie4mj on twitter

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