Title: CSKLZ #15

Marketplace: RVNFT.art

Zebratiff. one of the earliest artists on the Ravencoin chain, is the creator of the the CSKLZ collection. It is a collection of one of one skulls that vary in style and appearance. This is Zebratiff skull #15. Interactive in nature, the skull changes color based on the viewer’s preference. It is seen here is light blue and white cloud, but it can also be viewed in the darker skies version in the IPFS link (follow link). The Cloud Skull is set in front of a gray sky.

2 thoughts on “RVNFT#ZEBRATIF_CSKLZ_15

  1. GORGEOUS! Love these!! Won’t mindlessly self promote aside from mentioning that I secured permission to use one of these for a thing I did, AND I own a tasty chocolate skull #39

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