Sos On Side presents Lost Song 1! Music NFTS are rocking onto the scene, and Sos on Side is leading the way. Otherwise known as Dr. Periwinkle, SOSonSide is a singer, song writer, and musician who is known in the Ravencoin commmunity for having written the unoffical Ravencoin theme song called “KAW POWER”. He gives live performances in Braveland and his music can be heard on Spotify under the name Martin Scott Key. His music is minted under the the Ravencoin domain RVNFT. Be sure to give him a follow on twitter at @sosonside or spotify (Martin Scott Key).


  1. Sunnie

    ‘Lost song’ found a way into my heart and & got me dancing. Now I need to listen to Kaw Power, unofficial Ravencoin theme song ✌️The layers are downloadable from IPFS & you can create your own Kaw power mix up:).

    1. SOSOnSide

      <3 !!!!! I'm way more proud of this song because I didn't write it, one of my old piano students was the drummer in this band (yup, he learned piano at a young age and now plays everything… bragging hehe) Their band "barely Know her" wrote it when they were like 16/17. Oh to be young!

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