Thank you Zebratif for bringing us the unoffical “World’s Best Cryptocurrency Whitepaper” in the form of this interactive 3D Ravencoin Whitepaper NFT. Zebratif created this NFT for the community, and it has been given away for free ever since. It features a burgandy colored antique style leather bound book with a bright gold Ravencoin logo on the front. After opening the book thru the IPFS file within the NFT, you can zoom in, turn pages, and even twirl the book around. Read the entire Ravencoin Whitepaper while enjoying the fine details such as water marks and frayed pages. There are hand drawings of Ravens on various pages scattered throughout, adding to the aged, hand written feel. Ravencoin community members level up in every way, and the creation of this NFT is a perfect example. Please see the interactive whitepaper here. We also have a video of the whitepaper on our youtube channel here.

Available at: RVNFT_ART


  1. The interactive Ravencoin Whitepaper is amazing, just like all of the art that Zebratif creates! Those of us who own & follow CSKLZ know that he utilizes interactive features for every 5th CSKLZ drop. Super unique & always very different features that are cutting edge for NFTs.

  2. I challenge any other white paper to make such an incredible statement! NFTS are the future! And interactive #NFTS will be in a class of their own

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