Inx Masonari is a female NFT artist in the Ravencoin community that was one of the earliest creators of AI art on it’s blockchain. But she has made a name for herself beyond her own NFT creations! She was also one of the first contributors to the Gm gallery at WagmiNFT. As a creative technologist that is breaking boundries, we wanted to learn more about her background and how she ended up minting on Ravencoin.

WagmiNFT: What was your first experience as an nft artist?

My first experience as an NFT artist was very messy. It was filled with ignorance, regret, and frustration”- Inx

I discovered World of Women and although it inspired me to try minting my first NFT, I had no support. The NFTS I created on Rarible didn’t sell. Thankfully today I can share that experience in a way the helps the newcomer explore NFTS without shame. It’s all about trial and error. Thankfully I am part of a community that motivates me to explore, share, & keep trying.

“I ended up on Ravencoin because of the people, as well as the ease of use & no gas minting. As I was floating around crypto twitter trying to learn NFTS, I attended a lot of twitter Spaces.

I landed into Sunnie/Cryptolyssa’s Women in Crypto space. It was there I heard Morgan Crow speak. She was so full of excitement and support that I was drawn to stay and hear everything. In the end, Morgan helped me set up a Mangofarms wallet. Another community member, Indy Bows sent me a free nft. From there I was able to practice sending and receiving Ravencoin NFTS. It was truly refreshing to find this group.

WagmiNFT: So what was the first Ravencoin NFT you ever minted?

Inx: I minted one of my AI pieces on rvnft.art. They were the perfect place to help me out, and my first listing sold within minutes. I was in total shock.

I couldn’t believe it sold so quickly. It’s been a fantastic whirlwind of discovery, exploration, community, support, and fun ever since. I do look at other blockchains, but I have yet to find a group of people as amazing as those I have found on Ravencoin. When you work as hard as I do, and you find a group that is as passionate as you are, it’s hard to find a better place.

I do keep abreast of what is going on at different chains since NFTS allow me to create a door into new communities.

wagmiNFT: Talk about buying your main asset name on Ravencoin!

Inx: I actually own a couple of main assets now! I won my first main asset from RavenAngels. They ran a contest and I won.

I will own the human readable blockchain main asset name “TheKismetSociety” for as long as the Ravencoin chain is operating. I also own the main asset “Inx.M” that I was able to purchase from my nft sales proceeds.

I am using Inx.M for all of my personal works such as Altered Worlds and Cooter Critters. I plan to use TheKismetSociety to mint other artists’ art. The first will be for one of my kids- she’s already gotten a few pieces together. I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey with them. My family contributes in many ways to my art, the stories, and we even take photos together.

It’s my hope that other artists will want to explore with me, perhaps try and sell a piece or two.

wagmiNFT: So tell us about your main AI collection “Altered Worlds”?

Inx: Altered Worlds are pieces that will eventually be connected via a story. All these images are from another world. An altered world. Some may seem similar to us but there is a magic within. I went with this name because it’s altering my world and my entire family’s world.  At the same time that I am minting NFTS, I am building out my website inxmasonari . com. I don’t know what makes one ready to leap into NFTS, but every day I choose to take that leap to see what happens next!

I have a list of friends that are slowly taking in what the NFT space is about, and I am waiting patiently for when they are ready to leap in!

I am ever so grateful I have the chance to try. So to everyone that has supported me this far, you will forever be with me- Thank you!

For me everything is beautiful, and art is magic. I can’t wait to see how many people come along with me! We get nowhere alone, we are ALL connected!

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  1. So great to hear about your growth in the Ravencoin community. You can clearly see and feel the passion you have for what you do. You inspire the rest of us women in Crypto to keep pushing forward with our own projects. I love how your kids are getting involved too! We are all in this together.

    1. Thank you! You say I inspire, you all inspire me SO much! It’s tough when you are on your own, thank you for being part of my journey! It’s a scary big crypto world out there but we are indeed stronger together!! WAGMI!

  2. I love hearing about your process, and your experiences this far! I am a huge fan of your work! I couldn’t wait to buy one of your NFTs! Women in NFTS!

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