“The Heist” is a collaborative collection brought together by It is the first “lootbox” or heist project on the Ravencoin blockchain. The timestamp on the blockchain proves this. Jason Uhl, the founder of NFTRVN is using the sub asset feature of the minting process to keep the vault locked until it’s time to be cracked. So what are the terms and what’s inside the vault? We asked Jason:

How does one mint a vault for The Heist? Go to website and mint your “Vault NFT” when the clock starts. You will not know what is inside it. You can do one of two things:

1) Hold it in a single wallet for 3 days without transferring to a new address to crack it open.

 2) Or!…Each NFT has a 3-day timer, if the NFT transfers from the original wallet address to a new one, the timer will reset. This feature was implemented so that if the MINTER/BUYER wants to sell an uncracked safe from “The Heist” on a marketplace they can! It’s a game of chance and a chance to be involved in the first ever Ravencoin blockchain heist.

Take your chances and mint a vault from “The Heist” on! Upon launch of the project, simply visit the site and bid/mint a vault NFT. After 3 days, the vault cracks open and reveals your actual NFT. The possibilities are endless!

How Many will be Minted in the Collection?
Only 50 Assets will be Minted.

Who will contribute these assets to the vault? Ten amazing Ravencoin NFT artists will contribute art towards this collection. The Heist vault will contain art and assets contributed by the following:

@sircrone @Sunnie4mj @LynchStudios @MirageRVN @RvnRoboz @whitehashart @BrikBC @InxMasonari @IndyBows @TinyReapersNFT and of course @NFTRVN!

The Vault Cracks Open! After the 3-day timer, the vault is cracked open, revealing your NEW NFT! The NFT could be a piece from a contributing artist, NFTRVN’s art, NFTRVN Tokens, Vip Token, Ravencoin, Merchandise, Physical + Digital NFTs, anything is possible! CLICK THE SAFE TO SEE WHAT’S INSIDE!
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