“Inked WagmiNFT” was the first limited edition airdrop on the wagmiNFT project. It was donated by Mirage and Mirage uses poetry and duotone self portrait photography to draw awareness to bipolar disorder. A total of 31 copies were created as a subasset on the Ravencoin blockchain. These were then airdropped to profiles on the wagmiNFT site. There will never be any more created. The NFT features the classic “inked” duo tones. In this image we see Mirage as a dark shape in the foreground looking out into an Electric yellow horizon. In the distance we see a setting sun. The name “Mirage” is written in rainbow text around the arc of the sun. The NFT was minted using the “custom” option which allows you to attach the IP rights directly to the NFT (image). When you go to view this NFT on the Ravencoin explorer, you can see the IP terms right next to the image. This means that the IP always travels with the art. There is no need for a smart contract.


  1. Can’t believe this was a FREE airdrop🙀Only 31 copies will ever exist too:) It’s so beautiful- shadows against the light. Keep carrying the message about bipolar disorder. That electric yellow horizon gives me hope

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