Today’s spotlight is on multi-talented Ravencoin artist Mirage. She is a poet, artist and mental health advocate and has a sold out collection on the Ravencoin blockchain. Mirage’s first project focused on mental health and bipolar disorder in particular. With so much stigma around mental illness, we wanted to ask the artist what gave her the courage to use her own life experience as part of an NFT collection.

wagmiNFT: What was your inspiration for poetry NFTS, and specifically the ones addressing mental health in particular?

Mirage: I have always had a passion for writing, especially poetry. Since childhood, I would find myself writing short stories and poems to express my emotions and the things I was experiencing.

I decided to get into NFTs a couple of months ago. I have been talking about putting myself out there as a writer for a long time! My husband started getting into cryptocurrency and NFTs, and I didn’t understand it for the longest time. But I was curious and began asking questions. My husband then encouraged me to become a writer on the Ravencoin Blockchain!

Creating NFTs addressing mental health is extremely important to me! I have struggled with mental illness (Bipolar Disorder and PTSD) most of my life, and I often find that others do too. I have spent many years embarrassed and ashamed, and afraid to talk about it.

For a long time, I felt misunderstood and alone (I am not going to lie, sometimes I still do), and I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. Thankfully, I have quite the support system in place now. I’d like to help lift others up, and provide an ear to those who lack a system of supportive people in their lives.

wagmiNFT: What pushed you out of the fear of judgement in using your experience to help others? Bipolar for example is very stigmatizing.

Mirage: I am getting older and wiser, and I have reached a point in my life where I don’t give a f@?k about what others think of me. My experiences may have helped shaped who I am, but my mental illness does NOT define me!

Addressing mental health is so hush hush, and there is a lack of awareness, support, and services to those in need. I once waited months to get an appointment for services, just for them to tell me that they didn’t have any therapists available. I was put on a waitlist for months yet one more time! If we can reach out and offer support to one another, maybe we can help fill in that void.

“The more we stand together and be a voice, maybe more can be done about addressing all the issues surrounding mental health!”

wagmiNFT: You used NFTS to carry a message of strength and hope. So when did you create your first NFT?

Mirage: I created my first NFT in May of 2022. I wrote a poem, which I dedicated to my husband (

I still remember clicking that mouse, and officially minting the NFT on the blockchain. I was so scared to just let go and put a piece of myself out there…forever.

Since then, I haven’t been able to stop! Almost daily I am working on my writing and NFT art! Women in NFTs! LFG!


wagmiNFT: I’m inspired by the other art styles you have created NFTS for. Can you tell us about that?

Mirage: In addition to the Bipolar Collection, I publish poems, thoughts, and inspirational quotes as NFTS. There is also the INKED Collection, a collab project with my hubby!

I am also working on a new collection called “La Bella”. I dropped the first NFTS for this on I wanted this collection to showcase the female form. I believe the female body is just beautiful, hence the collection name. What we can do and the strength we possess is amazing, both physically and mentally. I am currenctly playing around with AI art and am incorporating it into this NFT collection! I am finding it to be a new avenue of artistic expression!

Not many people know thisbut I do love to sing! It is so therapeutic, and my choice of music reflects my mood and changes often. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their choice of music. I like all kinds of music ranging from The Cranberries, Jewel, and Evanescence to Three Days Grace and Slipknot. However, only few people in my life have ever heard me sing. In my younger days, I even tried writing my own lyrics!

wagmiNFT: Where do you see your bipolar series going? 

Mirage: Once my Bipolar Collection of Poetry NFTs are complete, I will be publishing them into a book. “Living with Bipolar” will feature all of those poems and more!! Holders of my Tokens, those who have supported my journey, will be added to a page within the book. This is to express my thanks and appreciation!

Living With Bipolar. The not-so-subtle thoughts of a manic depressive by Mirage

wagmiNFT: So what’s next for Mirage?!

Mirage: I will continue with my NFT journey, for it has become quite the addiction! In addition to working on branding and a website, I am already brainstorming my next writing project and putting that into motion. I call it “THE book”, for now because it has yet to be given a title. Publishing a book has been a long-term goal of mine.

Based on true events, I tell my story of being sexually abused by my father, navigating through the justice system, and addressing my mental health experiences. The plan is to release one RVN NFT chapter a week until complete.

wagmiNFT: What role do mental health NFTs have in both destigmatizing mental illness and helping those who suffer?

Mirage: I really hope my NFTs connect with people, and from the connections and feedback I’ve gotten so far, they are. We shouldn’t feel ashamed of who we are, and we shouldn’t let our mental health define us! Everyone has experienced some lows at some point in their life. My goal is hoping to relate to others, as well as each other. I want to let people feel comfortable in a judgement free zone, if anyone needs support or just someone to talk to. You are not alone! Fight the Stigma!

wagmiNFT: Any personal experiences around that?

Mirage: I am a black sheep in my birth family, as well as in life. I was always looked down upon and judged for being different, and my behavior and emotions would sometimes get the best of me. Creating these NFTs and sharing them with the Ravencoin community is so raw and expressive, and it has allowed me to be more open and obtain more confidence. I find myself completely stepping out of my comfort zone, and I continue to grow, raising awareness towards mental health and offering compassion to others. You never know what someone is and has gone through, and I believe that we can do better!!

As always, be kind!

-Written by @Sunnie4mj on Twitter

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