Welcome Artist

Welcome NFT artists! Here you can find resources to help you get started on becoming a WAGMI NFT “GM GALLERY” contributor!

Why Contribute to the GM GALLERY?

The way it works is you send us artwork via the online form below as a contribution to the Gm Gallery. This can be a Photo, Drawing, Painting or Digital design or any other kind of art that is digitized into an .mp4, .jpg, .png, .gif or any other acceptable file format for NFT Minting onto the Ravencoin Blockchain. The artwork needs to be designed around the “GM” Letters in any creative way you see fit. The artwork should not have any logos or website URLs. The artwork must be on a 1:1 ratio (Square) canvas.

The artwork is then minted as a sub asset at NO COST to you. We create a 10,000 qty Sub Asset. We then list this sub asset at 1,000 NFT quantities on DIFFERENT NFT marketplaces. We do this to help Spread your art Far and WIDE for all the world to see! We price EVERY NFT the same, as our only mission is to bring Ravencoin NFTs to the masses at a LOW cost / Low Risk entry point, and simultaneously giving artists more exposure as well as a further reach to potential RAVENCOIN NFT collectors.

If you plan on Minting your artwork anywhere else, we cannot accept your Artwork Contributions. The sole purpose of the Artwork contributions are to be minted under the WAGMINFT Main Asset name. By Sending us your Artwork as a Contribution to the “GM GALLERY”, you accept the terms that you will not be minting that artwork from any other main asset nor selling it as an NFT on any marketplace. Click Here to Learn about Main Assets.

ALL 10,000 NFT are stored, handled and managed by the WAGMINFT Team. RVN Transfers are sent out at set number of intervals. For example, Every 100 NFT sold, Artists will receive a Transfer of Ravencoin. Artists will have to wait for Tokens to be sold. This is okay and part of the plan on keeping the GM GALLERY Alive and working for a long time.

10,000 NFTs

Artwork Contribution Returns

Your Artwork contributions do not go unnoticed! The transfers from NFT acquisitions are shared between WAGMINFT’s “GM GALLERY” and “The Artist”. Contribution Returns will ONLY be made once NFT acquisitions reach a set amount, as to not send micro-transactions, we will send Artists larger bulk RVN transfers.

Ready to submit Art?

Please contact us

Want to Donate instead?

Do you want to mint from your own main asset? You can donate an NFT to our wallet and you will get a special feature on our homepage in our NFT Donations spotlight! We appreciate any and ALL Donations of RVN and RVN NFT’s! KAW! KAW!