Physical Art and NFTS!  

Pioneer Indy Bows is using NFTS to track provenance of her physical art!

INDYBOWS#0001 view this NFT here IPFS hash: QmPBq665t4uLvHiTTL6iBeJUkSbJDt4T4MbwKBt2UueecC

WAGMINFT: What led you to Ravencoin NFTs?

IndyBows: It all started with LSJ and Monday night space

run by Crypto Lyssa and Sunnie. I overheard some of the spaces, and heard the enthusiasm around creating NFTs on Ravencoin. So I decided to join a few of those weekly spaces. Listening to creators like Morgan Crow and Inx Masonari, and how they were enjoying the start of their own journey motivated me to give creating NFTs a go. The support network for women in crypto really drew me in. I’m grateful to each and every one of you ladies.

WAGMINFT: Tell us your first experience minting and selling NFTs?

IndyBows: Back in 2020, LSJ bought me my asset name ‘IndyBows’ and persuaded me to mint my first NFT, which was a bow… part of that Ravencoin raised went to the Ravencoin Foundation. To be honest, at this early stage I didn’t take NFT creating seriously, I just like the idea of helping support something that LSJ really believed in. I found creating an NFT easy to do and it didn’t take long from minting to listing for sale. I remember saying to LSJ is that it? I was suprised at the time how easy it was.

WAGMINFT: You are an artist of multiple discipines, tell us a little about your backstory and training?

IndyBows: I am an NFT Artist that creates hand drawn art, photography, AI Art, and now after a long time- physical NFTs hair bows and accessories. As regards my hand drawings, I grew up watching my father drawing.

From an early age my dad inspired me to draw- and continues to be my inspiration today.

I grew up drawing people and buildings (This is something I may return to eventually for my Art NFTS). My photography picked up after I became ill and the pandemic hit. More days out with the kids led to more photography. I started enjoying the small things in life, including nature. I wanted to share the joy of these moments with others. Photography NFTs were born. My hand drawn art at the moment is also based on my photography.

Indy Bows contribution to WAGMI’s GM Gallery!

WAGMINFT:Your name is @indybows on twitter, and you have posted some of your incredible real life bows that you make. What role do you think NFCS will have in the future?

IndyBows: “Indy Bows” is named after my daughter. She was the inspiration for the bows that I create. I actually started making them 9 years ago. I think creating physical NFTs and creating a utility on the blockchain is going to be very important as Ravencoin grows. The more we can use it in real life, the more valuable Ravencoin will become. I think money is becoming less valuable, which is where I think crypto will come in and become an everyday currency for people to use for day to day activities.

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