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What is the Humble Miner video game!? And why is Play to Earn #P2E the future of gaming? WAGMINFT asked the creator to find out!

WAGMINFT: What was your inspiration for Humble Miner game, the first video game to utilize the Ravencoin blockchain for in-game rewards?

Humble Miner: I’ve always wanted to build a game. I’ve been a gamer all my life, but after having a family, my life became a little more chaotic, not leaving much time for gaming. I’ve been drawn to playing mobile games, so I can play when I’m on the go, or in between activites. I have found a few crypto games I liked to play, but there was nothing really outstanding, or worth playing for more than a week. So, I had an idea and I ran with it! I wanted to build something that players could earn from their hard work, and actually keep their return on investment of time and effort. I look back and get frustrated that there’s nothing to show for all the hours I’ve put into games in the past. The only thing is just the memory of playing. For some gamers that’s enough, but I want to have the trophy or badge, and one that doesn’t go away when the game’s server goes down. For the most part, every mainstream game has an end of life. It’s run on a server and eventually they turn off when something new comes out, and all the time you’ve put in is lost. With the evolution of crypto, there’s now opportunity to change that!

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WAGMINFT: Can you briefly tell us how the game is played/won?

Humble Miner: The Humble Miner game is a 2D classic mining game that players can earn Bitcoin, Ravencoin, NFTs and the digital coin called a Pickbit. The player starts out with a few items such as a few mining picks and you immediately set off mining in the nearby cave. By mining blocks you earn Pickbit coins, a digital token built on Ravencoin. The proof of work tokenomics are simple, 100 blocks mined = 1 Pickbit. With those Pickbit you can buy NFTs in the local store or withdraw them into your personal Ravencoin wallet. From there, people can sell and trade them on an open marketplace or whatever they want. Doesn’t matter to me. Those coins are rightfully the players forever. Within the game it has its own gold coin currency earned through finding minerals. Those can be used for hiring local miners, as well as purchasing supplies.

Another way to earn throughout the game is finding treasure map pieces. When all of the pieces are found – You find some treasure! What’s in a treasure chest? Random rewards are found in the chest, and players have found Ravencoin, Bitcoin, and lots of NFTs, some of which have been flipped for over 200 Ravencoin each.

WAGMINFT: Ravencoin influencer Morgan Crow got her start selling NFTs won in your game. Any other “success” stories of play to earn gamers on Humble Miner?

Humble Miner: I’ve had a lot of great messages over the past 2 years. A lot of people download the game without even knowing what crypto is, and it’s been a stepping stone for them. One player messaged me and said the game got them interested in investing in crypto, and ended up making a lot of money. He actually got his family out of a bad situation because of it. Those stories are what drive me to continue to do what I do and keep the game running strong.

WAGMINFT: You recently purchased the Royal Bears, what’s in store for this OG NFT project within your platform?

Humble Miner: The Humble Miner game isn’t cheap to operate especially when its free to play. One way we’ve offset our operational costs is creating the NFT project, Raven Friends. It’s not only a project to help fund the game, it also supports the Ravencoin ecosystem by donating 10% of its funds to help other NFT projects, as well as Ravencoin Marketing & development. Along the way, we acquired The Royal Bear Hideout NFT project which I loved since the day it was released. Unfortunately the original owner didn’t have time to keep up with the project, and I brought it under the Raven Friends umbrella to continue the project.

One of the benefits for Humble Miner game players is that you can now find some Royal Bears either through random NFT purchases or finding a treasure chest. Ya never know. Good luck!

Interact with the Royal Bear Hideout #001 IPFS here

WAGMIFT: Tell us about the Pikbit coin, and why it has the potential to increase in value?

Humble Miner: The Pickbit ($PKBIT) is the first Proof of Work (PoW) token built on the Ravencoin blockchain. The value of a Pickbit is speculative, but I’ve built in a few mechanisms to help support its value proposition. The Pickbit token was minted on the Ravencoin network on 2021-02-12. Total Supply: 21,000,000.00, No ICO. Tokenomics: Mineable in-game 70%/// Charity 10%/// Creator 10%/// Game Operations, Marketing, & Development: 10%. Token Burn: Every Random NFT purchase in-game results in 100 burned PKBIT.

The only barrier to entry to mining a Pickbit token is access to a mobile device that has the ability to connect to the internet.

The foundation of the Pickbitis the PoW concept. In this particular use case, token issuance is founded on a system that rewards one’s efforts and resource expenditure. All mineable Pickbit are fairly issued based on the rate of (1) Pickbit per (100) blocks mined. No matter the amount of players there is only a set amount of $PKBIT to ever be created and the players that put in the most work will be rewarded as such.

As we can see from Humble Miner’s growth, collaborations with other artists helps his entire ecosystem to expand. You will be able to see the Humble Miner as an avatar in Sircrone’s 8 bit Game, “Game of Crones” due out later this year! Be sure to sign up for to catch the latest developments, and get free airdrops from various artists!

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