How do I mint a custom Raven NFT / Asset?

How do I mint a custom Ravencoin NFT / Asset?

You can mint custom NFTS on Ravencoin in less than five minutes! Your NFT can contain much more than a IPFS file (image,video,pdf,gif,mp4..etc). Watch this easy to follow “how to” video by developer and top selling Ravencoin artist Sircrone to see how it’s done. Attach your copyrights. Include a description, and even link other accounts! Maximize branding opportunities and clarify your rights within the NFT. Ravencoin NFT minting process costs 5 RVN or 10c (6/20/2022), so be sure to send some ravencoin to the wallet ahead of time! Right now a main asset is only $11 so the time is right to learn! Domain names are going fast, so get yours.

More info coming soon!