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We are the Ravencoin NFT Community

WAGMINFT is a website designed to cultivate adoption of Digital Assets aka NFT’s. It is to help further expand the marketing reach for artists around the world learning about and building on this network. We offer a multitude of ways to help artists engage with art collectors. Join today and find out how easy it is to become part of the WAGMINFT.net network of artists, developers, collectors and NFT enthusiasts. Feel free to airdrop any of the registered members by visiting the user profiles and sending each users public wallet address an nft today! Thank you for stopping by. Remember to Check our Events section for upcoming #WAWW Watch Artists work Wednesdays and #WUWW Wake Up With Wagmi Mondays!

The GM Gallery

The “GM” Gallery Token Project helps artists create a long lasting presence in the Ravencoin community. The acronym GM is short for “good morning”, and the expression has become its own cultural movement in the cryptocurrency community. For the GM Gallery Token Project, each artist created a “GM” piece of art in a production of 10,000. Since WAGMINFT is not a marketplace, the tokens can be purchased at marketplaces participating in the WAGMINFT GM Gallery Project. www.NFTRVN.net & www.Ravenist.com Owning a GM Gallery token offers art collectors and NFT enthusiasts a chance to collect a piece of NFT history, so pick one up today.

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(“GM GALLERY” Project Contributors)

Each artist listed below has contributed an art piece for the WAGMINFT Gm Gallery. Artists who contribute an art piece receive a custom banner created by Sircrone, which will be forever displayed on our website.

NFT Donations to WAGMINFT

Does WAGMINFT accept donations? Yes! If you donate an NFT (meaning it is already minted on the blockchain), your donation will appear below with a writeup about the art/project. These donated NFTS help support artists entering the NFT space, and we want the world to know that you as the artist, is part of the engine of why WAGMINFT works. The artists support artists network is here, and it’s called WAGMINFT.net! Let’s Go!!!

The Global mission for the WAGMINFT project is to create an open community where anyone can learn to build on Ravencoin. We believe in building NFTS on the Ravencoin network. NFTS give people the freedom to transact, since it enables the owner to have complete control over their asset. We at WAGMINFT believe transaction freedom needs to be supported and encouraged around the world. If we don’t have freedom to transact, do we have any true freedom? As we move into a cashless economy, we need to protect our right to transact. We believe that NFTS will transform how peple hold and trade all assets, with NFT art being the first iteration of a greater financial and cultural revolution. Art is a part of everything we buy, so let’s build a network where artists are the engine driving an ever-expanding ecosystem called WAGMINFT.net

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