“Game of Crones” 8 bit Game by Artist and Developer Sircrone is an instant classic.

The much awaited 8-bit “Game of Crones” by anonymous artist and developer Sircrone has been on the scene for less than a week, and from the look of things, these degenerated monsters are taking on a life of their own! There has been non-stop play by gamers from around the world, with a lot of the banter being played out on Twitter.  Sircrone created everything from the art to the code, making the entire experience awe-inspiring. WAGMINFT feels instant classic vibes that will surely stand the test of time.  I personally was captivated at the first scene in the cabin, where I danced to NFT musician SOS Sos on Side “No Way Jose”.

   The coveted #36 Cronenberg (the last of the Cronenberg Gang series, and namesake of the 8 bit world) has been won by @lia6ility on Twitter, but “the games have just begun” as Sircrone put it.   What did he mean by this? WAGMINFT got a chance to interview Sircrone where he showcased the game as we chatted about his vision.  Watch to the full interview here

Sircrone spent two years minting the collection and coding the game, with his ultimate goal being “to show the world the possibilities of utilizing Ravencoin layer one blockchain technology.”  He added: “Everything is going to be tokenized…my game was meant to show people what can be done on a layer one blockchain, which links art, to people, to websites, to marketing, to crypto…on a human readable blockchain”.

Even if you aren’t a gamer, you MUST check out the game. It is free to download at RocketRaven.net. The game was minted as an NFT, so be sure to grab one and hodl it, and tell your friends to pick one up to.  History is being made in the blockchain space, and the fact you can own a piece of it for free is revolutionary.

Sircrone later plans to roll out a tabletop card version of the game, as well as some other still under wraps plans.  We at WAGMINFT believe the next billion dollar company will start with the kernel of an idea on top of blockchain technology.  The Cronenberg Gang story is just beginning- we can’t wait for what Sircrone has planned next. To learn more about his backstory, check out our other WAGMNFT post here

-written by @Sunnie4mj on Twitter


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