Cronenberg7 by SirCrone


Artist: SIRCRONE Title: Cronenberg #7 Marketplace: The Cronenberg Gang is a collection of 36 one of ones by graffiti and street artist Sircrone. This is Cronenberg #7, an exceptionally degenerated fish like sea creature. Bright blue body with green mohawk and spikes adorn the head. Glowing antenna evokes a unicorn horn. Huge green fangs…

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Artist: FOWLPUNKS Title: 000_Ravencoin Marketplace: Chad Beakman, the artist and creator of Fowl Punks, created a series of one of one NFT Birds. There are 300 in total. This is Fowl Punk #000. He was the first Fowl Punk created. He has a red head with black eyes. He is glancing to the right….

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