Billion Apes Club - AMC APES

Artist: Billion Ape Club

Title: AMCAPE #1845


The AMC Apes are a derivative project of the Billion Ape Club. This is one of the 2222 minted. It is a generative project (the traits that each ape exhibit is the result of an algorithm). This ape is wearing a black jacket, with a tan shirt underneath. His skin is gold galaxy, an extremely rare trait. He also has gold hair and gold earring, which makes him a rare ape. He also has the iconic Wallstreet bets hair, a nod to the Game Stop and AMC Ape meme stock movement.

One thought on “BILLION APE CLUB/AMC#1845

  1. Gold skin with the gold Wall Street bets hair what a combo. AMC APES are a group that crowd sourced a fight for transparency on wallstreet. So much respect for Tara Bull, Kat Stryker, Marc Cohodes etc.

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