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WAGMINFT and the Ravencoin community welcome NFT artist ArtvisionNFT! Her art is selling fast, with auctions going into the thousands of Ravencoin. We at WAGMINFT are always curious about the person behind the art, and wanted to know more about this multi-talented artist with a huge twitter following!

WAGMINFT: Tell us a little about yourself and your backstory?

ArtvisionNFT: My name is Anna, many people know me as ArtvisionNFT in Twitter. I am a Ukrainian digital artist with a law background. I have been a creative person since childhood- whether it was drawing or music, I loved to make art. When I was a kid, I used to paint pysanky (traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs). Before I knew about NFTs, art was not something playing a serious role in my life, such as a career, so I studied law, which was a more promising field to have a career. Nowadays, thanks to NFTs, I came back to my favorite things to do, arts. It was just a hobby before, but now it plays a serious role in my life.

WAGMINFT: What was your first experience minting a NFT?

ArtvisionNFT: Minting my first NFT was quite spontaneous. I didn’t know much about the NFT world. Everything was new and hard to understand for someone with not much background in informatics. In addition, digital art was something new for me, considering that I was used to creating only physical arts. I had to learn digital arts, NFTs, and crypto. My first two NFT collections I minted were Abstract Solar System and House of Thoughts, both on OpenSea, on the Polygon chain. There were many editions of each art, because I didn’t know from the beginning how everything worked in the NFT art space, but nowadays I have burnt many unsold editions to reduce supply. The minting process itself was easy, and no gas at all was required.

Available for purchase at Opensea

WAGMINFT: What has been your experience minting on Ravencoin?

ArtvisionNFT: It took me a while to understand the process of minting NFTs on Ravencoin, maybe because I was used to minting on Polygon, Ethereum, Tezos. Some people supported me on this process of minting on Ravencoin chain, such as NFTRVN marketplace, ONTHEBLOK_io, and MirageRVN. This has been truly useful for me and made all this process much easier. I believe in the near future marketplaces for the Ravencoin chain will be more user-friendly, for both NFT collectors and NFT artists. Everything takes a bit of time to get mature. 

WAGMINFT: Where do you think NFTS are headed?

ArtvisionNFT: I believe NFTs and the entire metaverse are in their very early stage of development. We are now touching the surface of everything that NFTs and the metaverse are capable of doing. NFTs can be many things (images, videos/animations, music, books, poems, domains, objects within virtual worlds/games, trading cards, access passes, in-game items. That’s a lot more than just art. The possibilities are truly endless and many yet unexplored. I believe in the next ‘crypto summer’ we are going see the real things NFTs can achieve as they already got the attention of very known brands, companies, governments, and big investors. 

WAGMINFT: What is next for ArtVision?

ArtvisionNFT: To continue to develop myself, my skills, and my amazing community. My focus is also to continue to learn something new and share my knowledge. Grow and help others to grow. Because together we are strong and can move further, we need to move together, not alone. Exploring different blockchains and their opportunities also has been one of my focuses lately. I recently have started one collection on the Solana blockchain and another on the Ravencoin chain.

Artvision has had a number of hugely successful auctions on @nftrvn-net and she has amassed a twitter following of over 135,000 followers on Twitter. WAGMINFT wants to welcome her to the Ravencoin chain! Please support our artists, and pick up one of her stunning pieces.

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