Are Ravencoin NFT Secure?

Are Ravencoin NFT Secure?

Yes! Ravencoin NFTS are secure. If you have your NFT stored in an asset aware wallet where you control the private key, NO ONE can steal your NFT. The beauty of Ravencoin NFTS is that your image file (jpeg, png, gif, video, or any data file for that matter, moves with the owner of the wallet. This is due to Ravencoin’s embedded IPFS feature. There is no second layer smart contract than can be hacked or exploited. Your data is stored “on chain”. Do not store your seed phrase or private key online, and have a legacy plan in place! If you haven’t already, set up your Ravencoin asset aware wallet today!

Ravencoin assets are different than Ravencoin the currency (aka $RVN), so ensure that your wallet is “asset aware” if you are holding assets (like art, tokenized gold, your favorite video game etc). As of writing (August 2023) many wallet providers do not have full asset support.

The current Ravencoin “asset aware” wallets are:

  1. Ravencoin core wallet Since you are downloading the Ravencoin blockchain, it may take some time to sync with the network, but doing so will help secure the Ravencoin network.

Mac OS Ravencoin core wallet

Windows Ravencoin core wallet

Linux Ravencoin core wallet

2. wallet 1 minute setup. You hold your keys, so it is 100% secure. Write your seed phrase down and put it in a secure location. Create a legacy plan. The RR wallet is different than the core wallet because you don’t have to download the blockchain in order to start. The RR wallet communicates directly with the blockchain via Ravencoin nodes. This service is provided by Raven Rebels. The Rocket Raven wallet is an integrated wallet developed and maintained by @Ravenrebels on Twitter.

3. Moontree Wallet

4. Mango Farms

Research each wallet to see which one suits your needs.

If you simply want to hold $RVN the currency, there are many familiar wallets to choose from. A current list is here