Are Ravencoin NFT Secure?

Yes! Ravencoin NFTS are secure. If you have your NFT stored in an asset aware wallet where you control the private key, NO ONE can steal your NFT. The beauty of Ravencoin NFTS is that your image file (jpeg, png,gif,video,movie…etc) moves with the owner of the wallet. There is no second layer smart contract than can be hacked or exploited. The expression “not your keys, not your NFTS” is there for a reason. Do not store your seed phrase or private key online, and have a legacy plan in place! Even if your NFTS were received for free via airdrop of NFT giveaway- and seem “worthless”, we know from the history of cryptocurrency and NFTS that values can soar. An art revolution is underway, this is undeniable. Perhaps these NFTS will be relics from the early days of blockchain, or an artist or few become household names. If you haven’t already, set up your Ravencoin asset aware wallet today!