Meme Pop Art Art by Sixsixtysix otherwise known as Pubic Domain. In this image we see a beautiful woman. She has bright red lipstick and ultra white teeth. There is a text blub of her saying “OMG”. A black fly rests on her face. Her dark brown eyes emit laser eyes beams, a poplular crypto meme referring “bitcoin maximalists,” a group of individuals who believe all other cryptos are “shitcoins” and only Bitcoin has true value.

Artist: Sixsixtysix

Title: PublicDomain#14

Marketplace: Ravenist.com

One thought on “9021OHHH/PUBLICDOMAIN#14

  1. Public domain did a whole series of pop art NFTS. They are all one of one NFTS. I love the crypto memes & pop culture and he does a really good job of bringing them into art form.

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